Who is looking after your baby?

This is a cautionary tale of what can happen if you are not careful to take lots of photos of your crashed pride and joy, particularly a classic. You also want to choose your repairer not go with whoever the tow truck driver works for. If you are suddenly stuck, see whether anyone you know has had an experience and how they found their repairer. In this time of instant social media responses it might just save you a lot of heart-ache Yes, car crash photos on facebook can be cause for ridicule or a bit of light-hearted banter. I … Continue reading Who is looking after your baby?

Messing with Someone Else’s Mind…… errrr….. BMW

A workmate came to me a few weeks ago and said she had been given an old BMW as a first car for her daughter.  Some judicious questions led me to the conclusions that is was likely to be an E36 coupe, supposedly in fairly rough (although mechanically good) condition.  One of my favourite phrases came immediately to mind.  “Would I swap my BMW?  No.  Would I recommend one to a friend?  Hell no! The information was a little concerning, as the initial description was a 318i with a six cylinder engine and a sunroof that wouldn’t close.  Oh oh!  … Continue reading Messing with Someone Else’s Mind…… errrr….. BMW

Leasing out your old junk

How do you make more money from your crapped out parts cars.  Why you lease them out of course.  This is not what really happened but it could be argued in a roundabout sort of way.  When I bought Sassbubble (see the story here) my wife was less than impressed.  I was originally offered the bumper bars off the car for $500, or the whole car for $900.  No brainer really.  We collected what was an effectively complete car but in pretty sorry condition and with part of the engine removed it was going to be quite an uphill battle … Continue reading Leasing out your old junk

When your Car is a Facebook Stalker

It is a scary thought when you suddenly realise that your car has been reading your facebook posts and has taken offence to something you wrote.  I’m sure I could easily file for a restraining order if I was so inclined. Old BMWs in excessive heat….. not a good mix usually.  The weather here in Adelaide has been 42, 45 and 45 this week with an expected top today of 46 (it was 36 at 6:30am).  I took a photo of my temperature gauge after my 35km commute up the hill showing the needle only just above the blue.   I … Continue reading When your Car is a Facebook Stalker

The Lowest Common Denominator on the Road.

Driving to work this week I noticed the speed limit between the towns of Summertown and Uraidla in the Adelaide Hills has been dropped to 50km/h from 60.  It is a nuisance for me personally as it means my I can no longer use 5th gear on this stretch.  Is this section of road a prime site for accidents?  I doubt it, but with road fatalities rising suddenly and stupidity on the roads seemingly to be witnessed multiple times every trip, it is hard to argue with the decision. The news this week has been full of the issues with … Continue reading The Lowest Common Denominator on the Road.

When we have shuffled off this mortal coil….

After the last issue and the sudden need to replace the coil (see https://oldskoolmotoring.wordpress.com/2019/06/26/perhaps-6-cylinders-is-too-many-for-me/), I had a week of pleasant trouble free motoring. I made it home from work on Friday evening, parked the car and did not go out at all over the weekend.  I climbed in Monday morning and nothing!  The engine cranked over effortlessly but there was absolutely no indication it was ever going to fire.  Ho Hum, I guess I’m taking my son’s underpowered version to work instead.  We always enjoy a good payout, he refers to my car as a pancake and I refer to … Continue reading When we have shuffled off this mortal coil….

Good Photos Sell; Apparently

Last year’s Model A Ford National Meet enabled me to combine my love of old cars with my love of photography. I have expounded previously on the benefits or otherwise of having my children driving my car here. Having been asked to be available to take photos, I armed myself with cameras (yes plural) and worked out the best places from which to take photos. The first day I was photographing the mandatory run which was 112km trip from Murray Bridge to Mannum via Mount Torrens. I was at the start taking photos, then raced to a spot on the … Continue reading Good Photos Sell; Apparently