What Becomes of the Broken Hearted?

As many of my readers know, the Model A had been away for quite some time supposedly to get painted. After two and a half years, I decided to pull the pin and go and retrieve it, believing that the paint was never going to get done. There have been interruptions from Covid, and a bucket full of delays and excuses, ultimately there had been effectively nothing done on the car, and what had started as an open door policy had become don’t phone, I’m only responding to text messages. I had been concerned for some time about where and … Continue reading What Becomes of the Broken Hearted?

How many cylinders? (or I bought a dinosaur)

It has been a while since my last post. The E39 BMW 5 series has come and gone with little to no fanfare, as I believe I bought a lemon. I failed to notice the signs of the cooling system being over-pressurised, so it is likely the head gasket was already leaking slightly. So you would think I might have had enough of the drama queen BMW’s wouldn’t you? I should be driving something sensible and reliable. Yeah, right! When my mechanic friend, Grooty, sends me a text with a photo of a beautiful looking silver E38 7-series on a … Continue reading How many cylinders? (or I bought a dinosaur)

Worth the Wait!

A couple of months after buying the E34 for my son as replacement for his beloved E30, he had still not been able to drive more than the initial 2km trip due to the need to get the overheating sorted. We knew about the head issues when we bought it and roughly what needed to be done, but the delay was sending my son around the twist…… and he kept wanting to drive my car! After seven weeks of inaction I got involved and we finally started to see some movement . When taken in to the mechanic my son … Continue reading Worth the Wait!

The Glass is Half Empty

……. Unless it is overflowing After driving E30s for a few years, I got into the habit of looking for problems and trying to sort them prior to the issues developing.  My crystal ball is well used.  The cooling system was one of those areas where the slightest anomaly lead to panic and paranoia. Knowing how fragile BMW’s cooling systems can be, (who thought a pressurised system with plastic components was a good idea?), I am particularly wary of what my temperature gauge is doing. Last night, my son drove me to the local shops in my car.  On the … Continue reading The Glass is Half Empty

A Remote Relief

When I bought the E39, there were a few things that needed looking at.  It might sound like an extremely long list, but this is still a 20 year old luxury car for less than $5k. 3 out of four cup holders were broken.One rear indicator was intermittent… It’s OK, it’s a BMW so they are not necessary.Paint on the top of the rear bumper was peeling and awful. (Since been touched up with a rattle can)A few little shopping trolley dings and so on (but the paint is good)Cloudy headlight coversBoot release buttons inside and on the boot did … Continue reading A Remote Relief

Is three really greater than five?

So a month has passed since I swapped my E30 323i for an E39 523i. It is time look back at whether it was a good idea. I have always been of the opinion that, as a car person, if you get out of a car and don’t look back as you walk away, then you bought the wrong car. I cannot honestly say that the E39 is as pretty as the E30 (or even the E34, but that is a story for another day). It is not offensive by any stretch of the imagination and could easily be improved … Continue reading Is three really greater than five?

It’s an E thirty-something

After the red E30 was written off, and we acquired the E34. I kept looking at my poor little E30 and thinking….. maybe it was time. The sheer luxury of the E34, and the little mechanical niggles from running a car as old as the E30 every day were starting to make me wonder.  My wife has never liked the E30, but in fairness, she has never once told me I should get rid of it. I really wanted something like the E34, so I started quietly looking around.  I advertised the E30, and unlike last time when I had … Continue reading It’s an E thirty-something

The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

Working backwards, the ugly was undoubtedly the distress caused by the accident to the gorgeous little red S2 E30 Coupe, and the horrible aftermath. This included the shock of having the Adelaide Hills crash repairer who was supposed to quote to repair it choosing to maliciously vandalise it instead. We all have a special place in our hearts for our first car do we not? And my son was no different. The bad therefore in this story is the fact that this first car was finally written off. I did everything I could to try and prevent this, but ultimately … Continue reading The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

Who is looking after your baby?

This is a cautionary tale of what can happen if you are not careful to take lots of photos of your crashed pride and joy, particularly a classic. You also want to choose your repairer not go with whoever the tow truck driver works for. If you are suddenly stuck, see whether anyone you know has had an experience and how they found their repairer. In this time of instant social media responses it might just save you a lot of heart-ache Yes, car crash photos on facebook can be cause for ridicule or a bit of light-hearted banter. I … Continue reading Who is looking after your baby?

Messing with Someone Else’s Mind…… errrr….. BMW

A workmate came to me a few weeks ago and said she had been given an old BMW as a first car for her daughter.  Some judicious questions led me to the conclusions that is was likely to be an E36 coupe, supposedly in fairly rough (although mechanically good) condition.  One of my favourite phrases came immediately to mind.  “Would I swap my BMW?  No.  Would I recommend one to a friend?  Hell no! The information was a little concerning, as the initial description was a 318i with a six cylinder engine and a sunroof that wouldn’t close.  Oh oh!  … Continue reading Messing with Someone Else’s Mind…… errrr….. BMW